Enter Da World of Fantasyania

by Fantasy A

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released December 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Fantasy A Seattle, Washington

Fantasy A aka Alexander Hubbard was born in Seattle, WA on May 23rd, 1993. He's part-Native. He graduated from Pathways to Independence Transition Program on June 14th, 2014. He started rapping in 2009, he makes beats, write songs, meets new people, producing, and does recording. Everybody recognizes Fantasy A as he promotes himself out in a real world. His dream will becoming an entertainer. ... more

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Track Name: Enter Da New Year (Crew Intro)
(Fantasy A)
Hey yooooooooooo
What’s up y’all, this is your homie Fantasy A
Fantasy A is back, so are my crew
This is our new stuff; bring back New Jack Swing
Bringing back the memories of old school
This is what I did to bring it back
We’re here in 2017 now y’all
Gonna make y’all happy and positive again
I want y’all to meet my crew and my soloist
Jake Van, Sus Lord, Mastah Gl’0’kk, aka Jake Van, Munky Do, and
Gabe Fabens
And the one, the only, Ms. M.S. Price
Alright guys, on 3, 1,2,3, GO!

During this new year I want things to be good
I wish I want to move to a quiet neighborhood
Many things happened to me last year needs to stop
The one thing I want to focus on is recording hip hop
I rap about my feelings as it come out of my mind
This year I don’t want my great life to be left behind
Every early in the morning I watch the city view
I promise myself to go back home before curfew
Yo what’s up my peoples my name is Mastah Gl’0’kk
Our Fantasy comes over to take over the block
We don’t fail the mission we did our best
After this beautiful sunset we’ll take a long rest
We want Fantasyania to be a better place
Crazy men are coming they’ll get punched at their faces
Come join Mastah Gl’0’kk for the bachelor party
Fantasy A is a ladies man as the ladies got hearty
(Jake Van)
My name is Jake Van and I really love to rap
I love old school it takes me back on the map
Everybody wants to move to beloved Fantasyania
It’s not like we’re living in a creepy Transylvania
Fantasy A’s the best hip hop artist in Seattle
He makes beats and recording as he’s not in battle
He’s been really epic in those last five days
Yo people please respect him in a Fantasy way
(Fantasy A)
Hip hop is my passion and I know what to do
I don’t want something old I want something new
My hometown Seattle represents blue and green
A million of my fans will see me at the big screen
I feel love in my heart as I think of a girl
I want Fantasyania to become a better world
I’m a great bachelor as I know how to flow
I was outside at my balcony as the wind blows
Don’t fear our Emerald City it’s been very good
As I live in Belltown it’s a quiet neighborhood
Respect us like honest people, that’s what we like
It’s a good idea for me to ride my lightning bike
Our Emerald city become stronger as like the wind
Nobody sees the fact about it that has been
I hear many sounds and voices all through the dark tunnel
Like a weird tornado coming to destroy the funnel
My homies are Fantasyanian gods of all over
I’m also a Fantasyanian god with a golden clover
(Jake Van)
Peace is under us as we see the stars come up
I notice before I’ve been having my baby pup
I ride my bike over Seatown to check around
I keep on walking at Pike place Market look what I found
Fantasy A has Autism you have to give him respect
Show your happy and trusted feelings that he’ll accept
(Fantasy A)
Come meet your new god leader Fantasy A
All beautiful ladies said nice things to me made my day
I’m a fantasyanian god you have to do what I say
Don’t want to respect Fantasy A you’ll get fade away
I don’t care what other folks said about us for real
We get the concert tickets that’ll give us great deals
Nobody said bad things about Fantasy A as I know
If you don’t like him I’ll blow
(Fantasy Magic Takeover for 14 seconds)
(Start at 3:31) (Munky Do)
Check it!
Yo! Uh!
Check it!
I walkin' in da club
Don't disrespect with my
bros and
Don't disrespect with my
fantasyanian king, yeah
And I get wild winds
(David Lewis)
Fantasy A is the new leader of the Fantasy Vision
Time for me to go out on a New Jack mission
We got our own power inside of our bodies
Oh my god I see those bikini girls that hottie
David Lewis will go on a lightning undercover
I’m a orange patron saint with a orange clover
(Ms. M.S. Price)
Fantasyania is a great city in Seattle
Just feel the wind fantasy inside your head
They call me Ms. M.S. Price as I’m a
fantasyanian leader
You can see my black suit with the purple flower
My Emerald heart has a good feeling
Life can be so hard but try to keep believing
In my future
He’s a Fantasyanian god of all Emerald City
Your love is completely shining up
Like a blue diamond flame
He’ll kick you right out of Seattle far away
Don’t disrespect him with your attitude
You’ll get electrocuted by him and his crew
That’s what you get, if you put him down
You have seen his flyers all over town
He’s the boss of everything as
he always do
Baby you’re a god of gold
fantasy and blue
(Noah Z)
I’m Noah Z it’s my 1st time rappin’ in the dawn
You’ll see runnin’ off the grass mow this damn lawn
President Trump gets sacked and sucker-kicked in the nuts
He’ll kick Pence over the river as he gives money cuts

(Fantasy A)
Everybody, you have entered my world
To our beloved epic Emerald City
Welcome to Fantasyania
Track Name: Can't Stand Anxiety (ft. Ms. M.S. Price)
Verse 1:
There’s something bother me that I couldn’t handle
It’s like me being trapped inside of a stressful castle
Anxiety is my problem that I have right now
Trying to get away from it but I don’t know how
The house I live at right now is tearing down apart
It got me too much stress as I have a painful heart
My mom has anxiety problems I try to help her
I love her she’s my mom as she’s under her fur
I’m a rapper with Autism that has a stressful life
The one who doesn’t like Anxiety is my future wife
Nobody understand about what my anxiety is like
Others gave me a stressful time while walking on Pike
My dad is my problem as he got my life screwed up
For his stroke it bothers me as it gets too tough
I can’t take it anymore and don’t know who to talk to
Trying to take deep breaths but there’s nothing else to do
It’s hard to escape your anxiety as you got so angry
Couldn’t help myself as I become so hungry
I can’t stand anxiety as it stresses me much longer
Run away from my past problems makes me so stronger

Chorus (x2):
Can’t stand Anxiety, can’t stand anxiety
Can’t stand anxiety
Get away your stress and don’t think back

Verse 2:
I’m getting tired of being stressed out on other things
I try to clean things up as I heard a doorbell ring
Nobody wants to help me as they’re being so mean
It’s so hard to believe that I feel so clean
Been stressed out about my future has been so hard
I won’t be able to give a person a wrong business card
Can’t find a place to stay in Seattle is harder to know
You guys told me to move out quickly so I’ll just go
Don’t want a house that is messy and about to tear down
It’ll be a great idea that my mom will move to downtown
Can’t look at my messy house anymore I need to get out
That’s why Fantasy A wants to move away is what’s about
Stop following me I really want to focus on myself
If this happens often I’ll do something to hurt yourself
Don’t want to lose my mom as I need her the most
It’ll make me a lot better if I eat my French toast
Getting tired of headaches that my dad gives me
He always blockin’ my way as I don’t want it to be
It’s hard to take care of my dad I can’t do it anymore
It’s easy to take care of my mom is what I do for

Chorus (x2)

Verse 3:
A bad anxiety gets me in a horrible path
My dad drinks too much beer he’ll feel my wrath
Stop, stop, stop, you’re gonna stress me out deadly
I have trouble sleeping in my crappy bed so badly
All diseases around the house got me so darn sick
Self neglect is my problem as I have to pick
That’s why I want my living arrangements to be safe
What makes me feel better I have to eat green grapes
I’ve been praying to the lord about our bad anxiety
My mom and I get a better house and a better society
I want my life to be better so I can have my freedom
Get away from my dad will become my better wisdom
Sometimes it’s hard to have anxiety as it comes through
Calm things down will make it work as it becomes true
It’s hard to take care of myself but I’ll be so brave
Gonna get my bad mind out to put it inside the grave
My mom and I will settle things down to move forward
That’s why we can’t let our present lives turn backwards
It’ll become safe for me and my mom to be in a better coast
That’s why I can’t stand anxiety it’ll hurt me the most

Chorus (x4)
Track Name: Don't Want 2 Be Touched
Verse 1:
Others didn’t know I don’t like 2 be touched
I’ll punch at your face like very hot fudged
Because I have Autism, I get so scared
Those guys followed me I know they stared
My friends don’t like 2 be touched at all
They do it to them I’ll throw ‘em with my football
The weird guy grabs me he couldn’t let me go
I kicked at his knee before da wind blows
Da world is not a safe place 2 be touched
Da idiots not supposed to, they’ll get crushed
I get irritated when I get touched a lot
I don’t want 2 be touched by people who smoked pot
I used to touch people when I was a young kid
Touching people’s bad which is I shouldn’t have did
Don’t want 2 get in trouble by da police
Don’t want 2 hurt anyone if I’ll release
An autistic person touches me I told it 2 stop
People with disabilities shouldn’t drink much pop
If any bad people touch me I’ll strike
I see many people touching others on Pike

Chorus (x2):
I will tell you I don’t want 2 be touched
I’ll strike you down if you try 2 do it
Beautiful young ladies are allowed 2 me
No terrible guys are allowed 2 me

Verse 2:
I feel ok when da ladies gave me hugs
During da wintertime da women wear uugs
Others didn’t listen to da rules as it said
Well it means you have to go straight 2 bed
They didn’t understand how not 2 touch
I’ll warn da people not 2 touch me that much
Since da others hit me they will go 2 jail
Once they’re in jail they’ll not receive mail
People didn’t understand what I was trying to say
They shouldn’t shove me as I had a bad day
I kick them in da groin to feel their pain
Others slap people they’ll get stuck by rain
Don’t like 2 get pushed by da door so hard
Really don’t like when people call me retard
They are retards they have no right
They’re picking me I’ll give ‘em a fight
I don’t like it when people hit me back
Hitting people back is a horrible fact
Getting touched by Autistic people is not good
They need 2 stop touching me if they could

Chorus (x2)

Verse 3:
It’s very important not 2 touch others
We have 2 treat ourselves as thoughtful brothers
Sick people are trying 2 touch me I stay away
Don’t want those crazy jerks 2 ruin my day
It doesn’t matter if you didn’t touch anyone else
Falling off da bridge you get touched by elves
If others bumped me they better watch out
Looks like they did on purpose I’ll knock them out
I’m getting scared when others try 2 grab me
They’re after me they have to leave me be
I know how 2 protect myself as I hide
My friends have called me to give me a ride
I told the others 2 stop touching my best friends
They don’t appreciate they know it will offend
Some others got arrested for touching and beating
They touch many people they shouldn’t be eating
Learned my move 2 be away from weird people
They’re not allowed 2 touch people it equals
Many people need 2 respect I don’t get judged
They need to understand I don’t want 2 be touched
Track Name: Fraud Demon
Verse 1:
I just got scammed by this unknown guy
Really want to wish that scammers will die
It happens to other people they have to be careful
Others have negative balance which is painful
Three years ago it happened to me one time
By this stupid unknown lady who is part of a crime
Take advantage on people will make it worse
Before I have to warn people I have to think first
Be careful who you can trust it’s really a trap
It’ll hack into your bank account while you take naps
Feel very scared I have to protect my bank account
Don’t get me scammed on those negative amounts
Taking those online surveys is a very bad choice
This scammer has an angry and weird hacking voice
Those creep fraud demons have gone too far
Don’t ever let those creepy guys do their own part

Chorus (x2):
You’re a fraud demon, you’re a fraud demon
Fraud demons, they’re called Fraud demons

Verse 2:
It’s hard to trust a person if you don’t believe
Other crazy scammers need to eat maple leafs
Don’t you ever look at those fake dollar bills
Don’t let this person giving out sleeping pills
A person asked for your info don’t give it out
Telemarketing online scams is what’s all about
Flip $200 into $2,000 is not that good
It will get you into serious trouble if they could
If an unknown person asks me to cash their check
I will always say no as I gave it back
Don’t ever take bad checks to da ATM machine
It will make the positive balance going down stream
My grandfather got scammed back in old days
I would’ve warn my grandfather in a safe way
Be careful of scams they’re very dangerous
People couldn’t listen as they’re not serious

Chorus (x2)

Verse 3:
Don’t trust fraud demons they don’t go away
People got scammed when they had a bad day
I really don’t want this to happen at all
Gonna punch the scammer with a bowling ball
Ignore the nice person who tries to get you scammed
Police will track it down as it got hand slammed
His name’s Jacob Lebanondon he’s a fraud criminal
He got me and my friend scammed he’s a freak animal
The bank made me pay them back which is unfair
They supposed to do their job in da street hot air
Fraud demons you’ve gone too far you need to stop
Or you will be destroyed and get shot by cops
Stay away from online scams it give you a bad life
You’ll get your credit taken off from your wife
People learned about how the fraud has been
I will never trust a fraud demon ever again

Chorus (x3)
Track Name: Thief Behind My Back
Verse 1:
There’s a thief behind my back I have 2 get away
Don’t want da thief following me 2 have a bad day
I check through my pockets and I know what’s missing
My wallet is missing and it shouldn’t be dissing
At da library I left my phone 2 be charged
I was on da computer as da cats have marched
As I got back my smartphone has disappeared
It’s covered with papers on da table it’s weird
A random person stole it which is I didn’t know that
It’ll be unnecessary it was stolen by a rat
Thieves are dangerous people that we cannot trust
Stolen my stuff I’ll destroy them with chemical bust
My friends doesn’t like 2 get their stuff stolen
Have 2 decide where 2 hide it before got rollin’
Bad followers r very smart they have plans
Don’t want these followers 2 steal stuff from my fans
This unknown girl stole my money I made a report
Don’t let her get away before she headed to da airport
Da police want 2 know what’s an incident fact
I will tell them that da thief is behind my back

Chorus (x2):
Da thief is behind my back
Don’t want my personal stuff to be stolen
Thieves are vicious criminals that’ll be a lockdown
Stop da fire thieves & take ‘em back 2 jail

Verse 2:
It’s not safe to leave personal items unattended
Random people stole your money as you got offended
Everybody in da world wish that thieves don’t exist
Told ‘em not 2 go near my stuff I insist
Take it seriously as you got in da wrong hands
Like da idiots rob da bank as it commands
Like da picture of da girl which is not a real person
I can tell da person’s a thief in a crime spree version
Stolen my money from online is a very bad idea
Nobody is allowed to steal goods from Ikea
Night of da thieves is da worse sacrifice
Others ask me many questions I’ll take their advice
Thieves are not humans they’re terrible trolls
Like to fool people as they stole their golds
Tried to run away from thieves but they caught me
Told them to leave me alone but they say they wouldn’t be
Yelling out 2 da police for help as they kept me shut
Da thieves wanted themselves to do da final cut
Releasing from da thieves as they ran off wit my stuff
Da police caught da thieves as they’re now in handcuffs

Chorus (x2)

Verse 3:
Don’t appreciate as da thieves stole my smartphone
Hurt da thief’s ears as I yell in a higher tone
Fantasy A is not really poor he’s really rich
He locked up his personal stuff before he gets pinched
Seattle is a safe place not a thief stealing area
Didn’t know about da thieves search da criteria
Don’t leave your stuff unattended it gets taken away
It makes everybody feel like they’re having a bad day
I was standing next my backpack 2 make sure it’s safe
If a thief tries 2 steal it I’ll tie him up with my tape
Dirty thieves must be stopped at all our cause
Gonna make a plan 2 get those thieves 2 pause
Playing games with others make a very bad habit
Da dirty thieves get bitten by a scary looking rabbit
Guarding all my stuff will be safe in my room
Run over 2 turn off da bomb before it goes boom
Important 2 find a safe place to hide for myself
Thieves will never find me as they cuff themselves
First I was not safe when da thief is behind my back
Found a new safe place 2 go 2 sleep and relax

Chorus (x4)
Track Name: Social Media Attack (ft. David Lewis)
(Fantasy A) Verse 1:
Too many hackers had caused too much trouble
Don’t get me infected if it gets me doubled
Computer viruses are dangerous you better watch out
Social media is attacking others is what’s really about
Stay out of internet it will destroy your brain
Your account got hacked into a bloody rain
Others don’t really care about social media
It will never allow hackers go on Wikipedia
As I use internet it will mostly mess me up
Sending too much messages got me blown up
Gonna better be careful by the hacking ghosts
It’ll go through your account on a Facebook post
People took it seriously when it comes to Wi-Fi
Like da hackers make ‘em eat da virus pie
I was riding my 3 wheel bike on a 1-5 highway
Don’t want those hackers 2 give me a very bad day
Gonna warn my best homie not 2 go online
Click the button by accident don’t pay a fine
I told my best homie that I really got his back
Everybody be aware of the social media attack

Chorus (x2):
Did da hackers… hurt your back?
Better step back… hackers destroyed
Account got hacked? Change your password
Better get out of… Social media attack

Verse 2 (David Lewis):
Always hate when my account just got hacked
It’s hard to catch ‘em in an important fact
My bro Fantasy A and I got computer viruses
This infected virus is from the evil god Osiris
Gonna tell my online friends it wasn’t me on here
It was a hacker in my account that gives you fear
To make it safe always change your password
Don’t let the hacker talk like a virus bird
It’s okay be on internet don’t go on there too much
The sucking virus hacker will give you a punch
We invited the ladies to our night pool party
It’s nonsocial media, it’s fun friendly hearty
Instead of using your laptop just go have some fun
Being stuck on Internet will not let you run
Sending party invitations by mail is a good idea
Sending party invitations online is a bad idea
Better remind the ladies early to get them ready
Don’t ever go over to spend five nights at Freddy’s
Ignore what the hackers said, just head out the door
Put on your sexy bikinis to join the dance floor

Chorus (x2)

(Fantasy A)Verse 3:
Not using internet is better than anything
No hackers around you can do everything
All the ladies dancing inside of the pool
Not using social media makes me very cool
Always like having fun not using internet
It will destroy your mind as it really affects
My online friend is pretending to be a thief
Don’t want my money get stolen as I got no grief
Stay away from hackers that’ll try to catch me
Just destroy your laptop if you want it to be
(David Lewis)
The girl we invited bring over the laptop
She loves us rappin’ as we’re into hip hop
Wanted us to go back to close down accounts
Making our minds better with good amounts
Turn off the laptop before the virus comes
It’ll destroy us all with a sucking virus bomb
Throw the laptop over the balcony to let it fall
The girls ask us to play summer basketball
Did the right thing I got Fantasy A’s back
We are on cyber war when social media attacks

Chorus (x3)
Track Name: Love Da Seattle Rain (ft. Munky Do & Ms. M.S. Price)
Love da Seattle Rain
By Fantasy A ft. Munky Do & Ms. M.S. Price

(Fantasy A) Verse 1:
I love da rain so much it makes me so good
If people want to go outside if they could
It’s rainy in Seattle that you could enjoy
If others don’t like da rain just try to avoid
Fall is da best season in da big whole world
It makes me wanna think of a beautiful girl
Walkin’ around da rain will make you feel better
I want 2 feel da cool Seattle rain forever
Gonna find some places that has a warm heat
Gonna love this weather as you feel the rain beat
See all the kids jumpin’ up and down the puddles
Some cats and dogs are rollin’ down like cuddles
Dancin’ on da rain gives me happiness
Heavy rain will give me horrible wickedness
This weather is ok but not feel da pain
That’s why I love about da Seattle rain

(Ms. M.S. Price)Chorus (x2):
Come on down love da Seattle rain
Don’t be afraid feel da Seattle rain
All of da things become sprinkle rain
No heavy rain will get you hurt

(Munky Do) Verse 2:
I steppin' da rain I don't need no boots
I take off shoes get back to my roots
I don't look out da window,
I stepped outside and everybody wants 2 stay in and hide
Like rain, rain go away
But even when it rains I have tried my day I called Fantasy A,
and we can kick it like Seattle rain
We get groovy 2 da beat
Yes Seattle Rain (Seattle Rain)
No heavy rain will bring you pain (No)
No heavy rain will bring you pain (Woo woo woo)
Go eat lunch... in da rain
No heavy rain will get you hurt
No heavy rain will bring you pain (Woo woo)

Chorus (x2)

(Fantasy A) Verse 3:
If you don’t like da rain; just head inside
If you love da Seattle rain, just come outside
Depends on their feelings, it’s their choice
I wish da heavy rain has a stronger voice
I hate when da water leaks on top of my room
I can’t sweep up da water with my special home broom
Da sun gives you stress, da rain gives you cool
If da students get wet go inside da school
(Munky Do)
I stepped outside and my feet get wet
I hate Seattle rain but I love Seattle rain
If it bringin' me pain when my socks get wet and it gets and my feet soaked
Got me thinkin' that I need 2 smoke but I don't
So, I just steppin' da rain and my feet get soggy, yeah

Chorus (x4)
Track Name: God Criminal
Verse 1:
I was being watched by 500 trees
My eyes glow so bright as the wind breezes
The air’s coming down to blow evil people away
All the people want is to have a good day
Those black gang members caused too much trouble
Hope they can get killed 2 times double
I prayed the lord for my safety and my heart
People need to pray while I’m doing my part
Don’t want to get hurt by those crazy fools
Students may better go inside the school
Many crimes going on everywhere around
Fantasy A is the city king that wears a crown
Better be careful with da demon lords
They took apartments that they can’t afford
Prices are too high they have to lower it down
The god criminal will live in around downtown
I was watching everybody overnight
It’ll be really funny to see the bikini girls fight
If other women got hurt by those crazy animals
They’ll definitely get struck by a god criminal

Chorus (x2)
Fantasy A is the god criminal
He’s just not a criminal, he’s da lord savior
He saves everybody from dangerous creatures
He will never die he lives forever
Verse 2:
People asked me why I got struck by lightning?
It’s what I feel while I’m still writing
Lord Jesus gave me power to protect myself
The lord always told you to protect yourself
I always read a bible to have a good mind
People who have bad minds chillin’ online
I go to Bethel Christian Church to join my family
I always love to pray with them as happily
Help me lord Jesus I need your name
Help me Lord Jesus I’m in very much pain
I’m a god criminal it’s part of my job
Don’t be so scared I don’t need to rob
My beloved landlord told me not to pay
Lord Jesus helped me to enjoy my day
No Jehovah witness will come near me
Only the Mormons will come to me it’ll be
If they need my help they’ll come and ask
You can trust a god criminal not a mask
Crazy animals need to stay away from faith
Get away from women who are my soul mates

Chorus (x2)

Verse 3:
Clouds are moving into it da bloody rain
I am the one who called in Jesus’ name
God criminals are really brave heroes
Demon lords are very dangerous zeroes
I don’t want to see da demon lords anymore
If they come near me I’ll throw them out at door
My soul is my protection I have to live
I don’t want to die in the horrible myth
I see so many people talking very loud
It needs to stop as it makes me proud
Prayers are important to us right now
All da Christians get together to take a bow
Lord Jesus I need your help to get me better
Don’t want da enemies to make me look badder
All da women are safe they’re not hurt
No demons coming if there’s a red alert
I pray every day it helps me a lot
People need to read da bible before they get caught
Other types of bad people are crazy animals
You can really get hit by da god criminal

Chorus (x4)
Track Name: Get Da Offenders Out of Seattle (ft. Noah Z & Mastah Gl'0'kk)
(Fantasy A) Verse 1:
Way too much shootings all over the Puget Sound
Those crazy fools who are offenders are dead they found
The police tried to investigate all the criminals at night
I see those crazy young freaks at the bad gang fight
You know Fantasy A is not into getting hurt by an offender
Wait until you’ll see when it comes I’ll surrender
I heard 2 gunshots, it’s time to run away
Don’t want criminals to come near us as they’ll die one day
No drama and shootings at North Seattle is what I want
It’s good enough for me to go on a criminal offender hunt
Want to keep the ladies safe from getting hurt by fires
No hater can tell me that I shouldn’t post up my flyers
Too scared to get shot and be around weird folks
I want the offenders to eat something hard so they’ll choke
Let’s hope no crime in Seattle will happen in the future
It’ll certainly destroy our entire Seattle native culture
I want my hometown Seattle to be very safe and protected
Just like Russell Wilson try to throw the ball got intercepted
Pow, pow, pow, boom, boom like the gun wind
Find out as you run and know where it has been

Chorus (x2):
Get the offenders out, get, get the offenders out
Wanna be safe, just get the offenders out
Get the offenders out, get, get the offenders out
Get the offenders out…of Seattle

(Noah Z) Verse 2:
Don’t want to die of getting shot by crazy fools
They don’t know how to dive into a terrible deadpool
This is getting bloody ridiculous it has to end
Sex offenders did too much trouble if we can offend
I’m a guy who doesn’t like to be treated like dirt
One most important thing to think is not getting hurt
At the U district it’s very terrible doing out there
Want those offenders out of there they go die
Blood on the ground is not what I want to see around
It will mess up my mind as I go out of bounds
I win the battle against the offenders it’ll be safe
My boy Fantasy A and I celebrate with Fantasyanian cake
Gunshots like boom boom like others hear around the corner
Riding the boat out of U.S. to reach the Canadian border
Be careful with West Seattle it has some crazy warlock gangs
They’ll shoot you out in the picture, you’ll be stoned hanged
Riding on metro bus at night is a terrible idea of all
Drunk people not allowed to him he’ll throw you a bomb ball
Seattle is getting crazier as we thought it might will
Way too much gay and killings won’t allow in Capitol Hill

Chorus (x2)

(Mastah) Verse 3:
Screw those suckers who ruined our city in faded dusts
That’s why we need those offenders blow up in a chemical bust
I want my neighborhood Ballard to be always safe and clean
You better understand what I’m sayin’ like what I mean
The mysterious Mastah Gl’0’kk will make Seattle better again
We know the offenders will lie to us as they’re gonna pretend
We don’t trust offenders as we’re the safe ones in this planet
My dude Fantasy A will protect her future girlfriend name Janet
The sun will come to burn the creepy sex offenders down
There’s always too much crime all around downtown
Too many people got shot and killed for a bad reason
Too many car accidents for the people made a bad season
Pow, pow, pow I shot the sex offender in the mutts
Shouldn’t have use the gun as I suppose to go on shortcuts
Dangerous offenders are really scared to show their faces
We have to take them out of Seattle from the hiding places
Don’t trust a fraud demon if it sees you that far
God leader Fantasy A is eligible to drive his new car
We have to find the way to end this killing battle
That’s why we need to get the offenders out of Seattle

Chorus (x4)
Track Name: Hip Hop City
Verse 1:
There are so many things I know about hip hop
Fantasy A is going on a space needle at the top
Really love to dance at those fancy spots
See those sexy hot ladies near Ballard Locks
I love the way I rap there’s nothing wrong with that
All the ladies think I look good in my Kangol hat
Every time I bust a rhyme it made me feel so good
I told myself that I live in a Belltown neighborhood
Don’t want anyone to touch me everywhere
If they do that again they’ll get bitten by bears
I’m a Seattle born hip hop artist that loves to rap
Tried to look it up? Just use the online map
What’s my career? Music is my career
Notice I’m an actor in a big movie premiere
A blue lightning strikes down at the fame tower
Hip Hop epic light rails come every half hour
Crazy things going on around my hip hop city
Gonna have to stay away from the people who are pity
Really want to see this beautiful city view tonight
Don’t worry about the crappy stuff it’ll be alright

Chorus (x2):
Totally live in… hip hop city
Hip hop city… is like my dream home
Like my people… who raps a rhyme?
Hip hop city… like a rhyming place

Verse 2:
Complaints about Hip Hop City are always off limits
17 year olds can’t drive without a safety permit
Doing crazy stuff will get you into a wrath of trouble
The fancy kids expect me to blow big bubbles
I want my life to be perfect not like a disaster rat
I shouldn’t be scared of rats as I have big cats
It takes me awhile to get my rap very good
If my other homies want to rap too they always would
I have so many skills to practice everyday
For my future time I will rap in my own way
Every time I rap I gave out my good expressions
Making people’s minds better will gave ‘em inspirations
Don’t want my city Seattle to be a terrible place
It makes me like to punch a crazy man’s weird face
I’m not very stupid with any stupid dopes
I don’t hurt anyone as I give everybody hope
Joking around with me will make me very darn mad
Get crazy people hurt will make them very sad
Never want to go to jail when I did nothing wrong
I’m walking towards Hip Hop City which is not that long

Chorus (x2)

Verse 3:
Hip Hop City is an epic place to hang out
All of us want to rap a rhyme it’s all about
It’s located next to my downtown Seattle
Want other folks to be prepare for battle
Gonna keep it safe before everybody enters
Ladies of hip hop city enters to Seattle Center
During nightfall I see so many rhyming stars
Some rhyming aliens are from hip hop Mars
I have great ideas as I think what to rhyme
It’ll take awhile to think first all the time
Don’t want any gang members to come near me
Hide away from gang members so they won’t see
Way too much violence that I don’t want to look
It really needs to stop for all or they get cooked
Security cameras are important to look out for
Other weirdoes know that Fantasy A is not really poor
Strangers said threats to me better watch that tone
Keep on saying it I’ll call the cops on my phone
Glad I locked up the gates from people being pity
Notice they’ll never enter to my Hip Hop city

Chorus (x4)
Track Name: A Ladies Man (ft. Mastah Gl'0'kk)
Verse 1:
All the ladies know that I’m a ladies man
Folks didn’t find out as it really commands
I know how to treat a lady with a good respect
No lady shall go out and date an suspect
Every single lady knows that I’m a rich bachelor
It makes me want to take ‘em out to pizza parlor
I don’t want to make the ladies uncomfortable at all
As this beautiful lady come to me at the mall
Love to dance a lot I show the ladies good passion
See the ladies do the sexy walk they show fashion
All the ladies think that I’m an important type
I dressed up like a businessman with a big hype
I feel the ladies’ hands moving over my face
They’re always welcome to stay over at my fancy place
Those ladies are gorgeous and classy as they look
All da ladies do their style as I’m reading my book
I’m a high school graduate as I do my own part
Using Fantasy A Studios as my logo trademark
All the ladies love me in my emerald city
The ladies ask me for a party I have to be ready

Chorus (x2):
I’m a ladies’ man, a great ladies’ man
Fantasy A is a ladies’ man
All the ladies join me on the dance floor
I’ll show you fantasy in a Seattle way

(Mastah) Verse 2:
My bro Fantasy A is a ladies man like lucky
I’m also became a ladies’ man but so funky
All the ladies know that I did nothing wrong
Try to get to know them but it won’t take too long
I live in a fancy building in fancy belltown
So inspirational to have beautiful ladies around
Gonna have a fancy party to set up soon
Have to see the city lights in late afternoon
All the ladies dance around me at the spot
They’re always into Fantasy A and I as I thought
My name is Mastah Gl’0’kk and I have ladies
It’s no time for marriage that’s what I said no babies
Seattle has many single ladies I want to see
I want this fancy lady to be perfect for me
Never let this crazy guy touch my new lady
I’ll give him a punch in a fight if he’s not ready
Show the nice ladies some love as the ladies smile
I love my ladies all my heart as I run a mile
The ladies need my help I’ll be there for them
If y’all want to hangout I’ll let you know when

Chorus (x2)

Verse 3:
Feeling so better I have ladies in my crib
At my fancy party we ate barbeque ribs
We’re having fun dancing at the Seattle Center
Like all of us try to stay warm in the winter
During this amazing night I was having great time
Glad my ladies think I don’t commit a crime
I want to drink cocktail but it’s not my drink
It got me all serious as I see ladies in pink
I always love da Seattle rain as I really feel it
My ladies will come together as they feel it
This is what it’s called a fantastic flow
Our ladies want to stay out as the wind blows
My favorite part to do for living is to dance
This lady named Alice will give me a second chance
My beloved ladies know I’m the one can trust
We have to stay away from a terrible drug
We are professional and fancy as it flies
The ladies had a great time with us as they arrive
I want to show my homie to all of our fans
That’s why my man Fantasy A is a ladies man

Chorus (x4)
Track Name: Give Respect 2 Da Girls of Da Riot Nation (ft. Dillon Whittier)
(Fantasy A) Verse 1:
I heard about the Riot Girls all over town
Way back it was gone up but it went back down
We’re a punk rock/hip hop group that you’ll ever know
If you wanna rock on the stage you better go
This young lady Kathleen Hanna is a lucky one
They don’t have any more room so they have none
Important to get to know your lucky band members
Like Mia Zapata got killed a tragedy to remember
We’re local Seattle artists that want to perform
It’s really cold outside we have to keep ourselves warm
Fantasy A likes every genre all over history
People were asking about the Nazi nation mystery
Never say terrible stuff about punk rock and hip hop
We’re takin’ you up to the building to be stuck on top
Dillon is gonna be a rock lead singer on the road
I can really tell he’s punk rockin’ like a crow
Riot Girls don’t like haters that give ‘em a hard time
Talking bad to the Riot Girls is part of a crime
Give your respect to the girls of da Riot nation
Other goonies want 2 join da rock gospel union

(Ms. M.S. Price) Chorus (x2):
You really have the feeling
Give your respect to the Girls of the
Riot Nation
Rock bands come closer as it shines
Don’t ever hate, just love each other

(Dillon) Verse 2:
Dillon Whittier here to rock on the microphone
Never want to be stalked by others as I’m home alone
Love my riot girls as I have a incredible interest
My bro Fantasy A don’t mind rock as he’s the best
My rockstar Kathleen Hanna came to Seattle last week
This documentary will give us a quick sneak peek
Many secrets came around as it comes to punk rock
Punk rock/hip hop group will take you around the block
Mia Zapata was a great singer I wish she was here
She was my aunt in my generation as she has no fear
Weird people don’t give a crap about us and our music
Do you wanna get tortured or killed just try to choose it
Don’t ever harass my Riot Girls, I’ll come after you
Riot girls have their own protected rules they do
We’re gonna keep ‘em safe we have the best luck
Instead of talking trash to them, go ride on the ducks

Chorus (x2)

(Fantasy A) Verse 3:
Those crazy fools messed with our beloved Riot Girls
Get them killed by slime-pot creeps made a bad world
Our hero Kathleen Hanna save us from tragic danger
Be careful of what you’ll do you can’t trust a stranger
I don’t believe what those freaks done with Mia Zapata
They get crushed down by their skin like a creepy piñata
We’re here to perform at Key Arena not to ruin style
Need to get rid of the golden records it’s a big pile
The riot girls got hurt by trashy drunk buffoons
They’re the ones who did this I’ll blow ‘em up like balloons
We want to dance around with the riot girls in the space
If you wanna run with us let’s plan a big race
My dude Dillon Whittier has a fun time rock around
He’s stylin’ like a filthy kid in a punk rock city bound
Fantasy A makes Mia Zapata coming from the dead
My powers will take care of it when I go to bed
I rap at the radio station doing some cool tight stuff
Don’t mess with me and Dillon as we’re gonna get tough
Girls are you sure that you went to the right destination
Guys give respect to the girls of the riot nation

Chorus (x4)
Track Name: My Name is Fantasy A (ft. Jake Van)
(Fantasy A) Verse 1:
Things have happened when I’m walking around town
The street lights got shut off as it out of bound
Others didn’t find out yet that I have magic powers
Fantasy A is now living in a Belltown tower
Some people asked about me as they want 2 know
My best friends almost forgot that I’m not alone
A crazy thing there’s blue light glow out of my eyes
They need to know Fantasy A don’t like 2 hear lies
Others said rude things about me that’s not nice
I will use my hands to freeze you like Antarctic ice
My homies are hiding from crazy people with bad minds
Gang members notice Fantasy A is very hard to find
Ladies see me dancing around the circle as a wizard
My homies and I will turn gang members into burned lizards
I rap into the darkness when I felt bad and upset
Ladies in short halter dresses as the rain got ‘em wet
It’s part of my feeling that I don’t want 2 go through
Don’t want to live in a terrible neighborhood as I will move
He’s a best rapper in Seattle that people can meet
His name’s Fantasy A he likes to look at women’s pretty feet

Chorus (x2):
What’s my name? You know the name
Who’s the greatest? You better know
He’s the coolest, he’s the mighty
My name is Fantasy A

(Fantasy A) Verse 2:
Everybody were talking about me all the time
Notice about my feelings I’ve been through as I rhyme
I walk through the painting wall as I glow myself in
I’m a fantasyanian god as I blow like the wind
Others tried to touch me as they got shocked out
That’s what everybody think Fantasy A’s about
Don’t ever mess with Fantasy A he’ll give you sting pain
I can make it to age 58 I still have smart brains
Learning about the science fiction is what I do think
I had a weird feeling seeing girls in miniskirts in pink
In my hometown Seattle we have a beautiful summer
If others are missing out, it’s a total bummer
Male population got wiped out as a fear shock
A whole female population all around the block
I teleport myself from Seattle all the way to New York
They think I’m a wizard holding a magical fork
I’m a fantasyian god leader with many faces
Ladies I like want to ride with me to other places
See the blue lightning strike you down with bright sparks
This beautiful girl gave me a lightning kiss through my heart

Chorus (x2)

(Jake Van) Verse 3:
I met this awesome dude somewhere around downtown
He’s the strong mind that he goes into the elite bound
He’s smarter than young students with no class and job
The thing he likes to stay away from is the angry mob
Fantasy A became a Fantasyanian god leader
He will disobey crazy street people he’s a cool reader
Nobody allowed to touch him and giving him a bad sign
He’ll punish you right out he’ll attack you like a lion
Be respectful to my guy Fantasy A and treat him right
Give him what he wants and he will make you so bright
I’m tryna to be panic so he won’t hurt anyone
People took advantage of him of what they have done
Selling books he wrote and his CDs recorded
There are many things that Fantasy A will command
Me and his homies are Fantasyanian god leaders
They have same powers as him which others can tell
Fantasy A has finished high school he doesn’t have to worry
He’s not allowed to go to places that give him a spicy curry
All I want is for everybody to give him a good day
What’s his name? His name’s Fantasy A

Chorus (x3)
Track Name: Faithful Love Heroes of Emerald City (ft. Mastah Gl'0'kk & Ms. M.S. Price)
Verse 1:
There’s too much disrespect around my city right now
I have to stop this but I don’t know how
There’s have to be love that I can make it right
Don’t want everybody to get killed in this darkful night
Fantasy A is your guy that can fix up minds
Gonna make sure crazy folks won’t cross the lines
No love around the city makes me so darn upset
I gave you a big slap in a face when we first met
Seattle has no love for others that they couldn’t avoid
Crazy men asked me weird questions as I feel annoyed
Faith will help me to stop this unstoppable crime
Please understand I don’t like being harassed all the time
No race division in Seattle is what I want 2 see
I love people with all races is what I want it 2 be
Way too much drama makes me move out of Skyway
Gonna move to a quiet neighborhood someday
Don’t like it when my flyers ripped off by one bad guy
This creepy guy hurt me so bad he gets sucker punched and dies
We’ll become heroes of faithful love to do it so good
It’s time to take over the Emerald City neighborhood

We’re the faithful love heroes of Emerald City
Flaming stars coming down the sky
Green emeralds flying around the golden tower
We’re the faithful love heroes of Emerald City
To make love in Seattle great again to take down the hate
Take away the rude people so we can have it safe

(Mastah) Verse 2:
It’s worth a lot of money to make it great again
If I find the right people they’ll become good friends
Fantasy A needs everybody to love him like a rap god
That’s what I am as long you won’t be that odd
Please stop being a hypocrite and be nice to me
Don’t like to be yelled at as you probably will see
Bumping into people is not what Fantasy A wants
I’ll bump right back to you as a ghost haunts
You have no faith as you got me so darn mad
Give you a hard punch in the face makes me glad
Couldn’t handle the situation as I see much madness
All I want to see is everybody to show me kindness
Leave me alone I’m trying to make everybody happy
Always love to brush my hair as it doesn’t get nappy
Throwing a rude person in the trash will make me better
Kicking crazy people out in the rain to get ‘em wetter
Everything in Seattle needs more respect and fun
All we want is to have no drama as they’ll be none
We’re gonna have an amazing event y’all need to come
I’m tellin’ ya Emerald City is where Fantasy A’s from

Chorus (x2)

Verse 3:
Call me a rap god is what I want to hear
I’ll keep y’all safe as there’s nothing to fear
Your city hero Fantasy A will be lookin’ around
Diggin’ up money and lies is what I really found
My homie Mastah Gl’0’kk is always got my back
We save a lot of folks as we have money in stacks
People being disrespectful to me is not my feeling
I’ll yell at rude people to make ‘em do banana peeling
Gonna send them to court for breaking those laws
Don’t let us scratch you with our electric claws
You heard Fantasy A just be respectful to him
Or I’ll scare you with my big mighty sharpness grin
Being faithful is important that you should learn
Break our laws I’ll use fire to make your hands burn
Fantasy A and I will take over the entire Emerald City
Gonna take out the rude and creepy people out who are pity
I’m a god leader you have to listen to my boundary rules
Other folks are trying to hurt Fantasy A that is so cruel
We made Seattle great again as we all expect
We’re faithful love heroes of Emerald City show us some respect

Chorus (x4)
Track Name: Monsters at Rainier Beach
Verse 1:
There are many things I’m not allowed to do
My homies think the same thing for that too
I don’t like to rap gangsta not my thing
I rap in my own way as I have hot wings
Crazy gang members hangin’ around at Rainier Beach
They’re bunch if hypocrites that smell like old peach
Don’t like to be called fat it’s not very nice
I’m just a big guy who will freeze you like ice
More brave than those black freaks try to ruin me
Gonna give ‘em a violent pain as others can see
Don’t like Rainier Beach that much it’s not safe
Creepy gang members beat up the innocent like cakes
Stay away from those fools you’ll never trust
Those gang members will die in a chemical bust
Everybody are afraid of those deadly shooters
Way too much drama there from the crazy Hoosiers
Shooting out guns is a very dangerous part
There was a crazy shooting near Skyway Park
Others waited for their signal as they ring a bell
They’re called Monsters at Rainier Beach I can tell

Chorus (x2):
Walkin’ down towards the streets during at night
Be careful with the Monsters at Rainier Beach
Try to be smart so you won’t see ‘em hiding
Be careful with the Monsters at Rainier Beach

Verse 2:
Too many crimes going on around here
Folks need to understand I don’t drink beer
Don’t like it when they tell people lies about me
They tell it to other folks they’ll get stung by bees
Young black peeps wrote something rude on my flyers
Notice that the young black folks are liars
Rainier Beach is not a good place to do it at
Hopefully those weird kids get bitten by rats
I found rainier Beach unsafe and unclean
Travel back to time if I have a time machine
It’s a bad neighborhood that gives me nightmares
No nasty gang members will get on my Fantasy-Air
Nobody will mess with me as I have great talents
Gonna make sure that I will hide my account balance
Hate those weird black guys treat me like this
They’ll try to shoot me as I move away and missed
Black homies I know are so trusted and brave
We’re gonna put those gang members into their graves
We have to keep ourselves safe from the night
Never want to be caught in a terrible gang fight

Chorus (x2)

Verse 3:
Hangin’ at Rainer Beach at night is a bad idea
I met this girl at Rainier Beach named Akea
Don’t want my homies get hurt by those creepy gangs
Don’t want those creepy gangs to cut off the girls lovely bangs
Gonna keep everybody safe from getting hurt
Those creepy gangs breaked in it means red alert
Run away from those crazy kids on the streets
Give ‘em alcohol poison to make ‘em feel weak
That’s the reason I don’t like Rainier Beach monsters
Those sex offenders who became imposters
Heard them arguing gave me a terrible headache
Better get them quiet or their legs will break
Aye yo you better let go of my friend’s arm
I’ll blow ya guys up with my bomb alarm
Be careful what you said don’t let ‘em hear you
They’re on their way there’s nothin’ you can do
Police have arrived to shoot the creepy gang members
After they shot them they died like cucumbers
Everybody are safe now it’s time to teach
Stay away from the monsters at Rainier Beach

Chorus (x3)
Track Name: City of Blue Saints (ft. David Lewis) (ft. Ms. M.S. Price) (ft. Mastah Gl'0'kk) (ft. Noah Z)
(Fantasy A)Verse 1:
At the nighttime I see epic blue stars
I didn’t know it just came it just went too far
A girl fell off of her building just want to die
Instead of her doing it she actually flies
You should never ever die of being sky blue
Notice about everything does have no clue
I got struck by a blue lightning just like right now
As I point my finger out and I was like wow
I have no clue how did it get to my body
Makes me want to join the blue lightning party
My homies got struck by a blue lightning as well
This bothers me more often as I ring a bell
We found out we got powers inside of our minds
We use powers to shock the thieves as we’ll combine
Our professors have psychic minds in their heads
As they got very tired they’re gonna go to bed
I always dance over at the Westlake Monorail
Always have missed calls as they left voicemails
What does it say on the wall filled up with blue paints
Oh my god, we have become the incredible blue saints

Chorus (x2):
The blue lightning strikes you down towards your great body
It finally has become the epic city of blue saints
Don’t you ever get so scared if you have become one
You’re still a human being as they’re city of the blue saints
(David) Verse 2:
My bro Fantasy A got struck by a blue lightning
I got struck after him as the girls are fighting
We’re the blue saints we rule over the streets
By the balcony to hear a blue lightning beat
The year is 2017 I’m already pumped
A blue saint doesn’t like a man gives me a bump
Fantasy A wears a blue tie and I wear a green shirt
We see the ladies he likes wear blue mini skirts
I have a strong blue spirit all around my heart
Watch out for this evil fool all over the dark
There’s a blue moon right up at the star sky
The rain is turning into a full of blueberry pies
A blue spaceship is gonna land over in Belltown
Watch out for the blue saint before he’s found
We have blue lightning glowing out of our eyes
Haters said we’re not blue saints don’t ever tell lies
We’re gonna shock others out they said rude stuff
They’re taking advantage of us as we had enough
Don’t mess with the blue saints we’re coming for you
Say bad things to us you’re gonna get shocked too

Chorus (x2)

(Ms. M.S. Price) Verse 3:
A blue lightning is coming to us as we’re
gonna panic
We’re about to get lightning powers as we
become stronger
Inside of our bodies as we keep thinking
We are the blue saints that rule over the
Seattle city streets
I’ll hold your hand to give you more strength
Please don’t hurt my blue saints
You’re not allowed to touch them at fate
Your love belongs to the blue saints at the city
Fantasy A and his crew will be watching you
Making sure you won’t hurt and harass
other innocent saints too
Be respectful to Fantasyania in Seattle
My heart goes to a blue saint warrior in battle
All alone in the dark in a blue sky star night
We are not divided, we are family and tight
We are leaders, we are great
We making our own rules as we keep
out the hate
Your soul will go towards the blue
And Fantasyania's crew will stop all the
Chorus (x2)

(Mastah) Verse 4:
A blue lightning strikes down towards my special eyes
I become a blue saint others not allowed to tell lies
Those crazy fools didn’t know that we’re stronger
This beautiful blue lady’s not ready keep the time longer
Don’t mess with Mastah Gl’0’kk he’s been very cool
Just let the other young students go back to school
Blue saints are the best to give ‘em more airplanes
Fantasy A and I gonna ride our bikes to express lanes
I have a blue iron fist to shock you weird guys out
This is the city of blue saints it’s what I’m talkin’ about
Too many distractions going on in Seattle as we speak
We always give ‘em blue poison as we make ‘em weak
This terrible black curse really needs to go away
Don’t want to get infected to have a terrible day
Get away from me I’m just an human magician
Don’t you ever judge me I’m a hip hop musician
Come join us as blue saints as the family crew
There’s a blue lightning portal tunnel as you go through
A beautiful girl tries to fall off but she cannot
She won’t fall off the building like a green pot

Chorus (x2)

(Noah Z) Verse 5:
Noah Z is a new blue saint around the block
I like to team up with Fantasy A and Mastah Gl’0’kk
I got blue lightning powers as I got myself ready
Those type of young ladies think I’m so darn pretty
I got struck by a blue lightning like 2 weeks ago
It made me so brand new like an old school though
See people got killed by lightnings like cold blood
After the blood cleans out it will be turning to flood
Dancing like a blue saint is my most popular pose
As I see this beautiful young lady I gave her a rose
Touching a blue saint will get you shocked, killed, and fired
We always want to trust this person as he got hired
We killed this viscous criminal he’ll become one of us
Those gang members will die in a blue chemical bust
We want to save everybody from an unexpected death
I know lots of numbers to think as I learned math
Blue saints have psychic minds to control their brain
A blue lightning gives Seattle a nice sprinkling rain
All of our children want to know who they are
The blue saints are the folks who has lightning powers so far

Chorus (x2)

Verse 6:
(Fantasy A)
Becoming a blue saint is not a very bad thing
I know I can always trust a blue lightning king
Don’t let anyone take advantage of you at all
Don’t try to be nice to them just be mean as it falls
Don’t ever trust an evil stranger from a red blood hell
Try to think in your mind easy as you can tell
Crazy people got struck by blue lightnings as they died
They said they want to live longer too bad they tried
(Ms. M.S. Price)
Love is about our city of blue saints
Like a blue lightning run through our eyes
You touched a blue saint that you’ll get shocked
It makes you fly away from our Emerald City
We want 2017 to be a very great year
Seattle is not a bad city with a lot of fear
Trust a blue saint as you don’t feel more pain
We run way faster than everybody with no gain
(Noah Z)
Everybody knows that I’m running for your blue president
Before having policies for a blue saint resident
We always feel blue lightning inside but others faint
So finally Seattle is now the city of blue saints

Chorus (x4)